that takes me back

Smell The Beach

OHHHHH ! It smells like it outside. Only outside the backdoor. I haven’t been out of the front door, so I don’t know if the smell is there too. But it is definitely at the backdoor.

I had a dream about that place the other day. Not just any dream, but a morning dream. One of the – dreaming while you wake up and you try to go back to sleep to continue the dream – type things.

Literally, the half-second after you step out my backdoor, you can smell the beachside town that my family would go to every year in late November. I could feel the warm humid air against my face and I knew exactly where I was. Standing on the road, barefoot a stone’s throw from the beach. I was staring at a sand dune with some coarse yet fine sand sticking to the sides of my legs and the top of my feet. The smell made the memory so real I almost booked myself onto a plane to go there for the weekend.

And seeing as I don’t have any plans for the weekend, that might not be such a bad idea.


Thanks to (but this is actually the beach)