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Today I…

Today I started a conversation with a stranger on the light rail.  It wasn’t his fault.

Well it was.  I am currently reading an amazing book for the second time.  Probably the best I have ever read, and I know that’s a very big call to make, but I don’t read that widely so it is not hard to top me.

However imagine my surprise when I see a slightly twitchy man wearing glasses and headphones reading the same!  Catch-22.  To randomly start talking to him would be a little kooky, but the guy (at least if he is enjoying the book) must be a kooky type of person. At least in some regard.  Catch-22.

Catch-22 Front Page Image

It’s been quite some time since I talked to a random stranger.  Today something just prompted me to go for it.

What did you do today?